Planny: A Simple content scheduler you can use to plan and release your Tweets

The goal of Planny is to provide a hassle-free way to keep your Twitter content organized, with simple draft management tools and a modern profile analytics dashboard.

You can schedule your tweets in just 2 clicks! Planny presents you with all the most insightful profile statistics on one single page. Here's a closer look.

– Schedule

You can easily schedule your Tweets and Threads on the calendar; you can also drag your scheduled tweet and change the publication time.

– Write

You can write your ideas without distraction with a content-focused editor and distraction-free environment to give you space to develop your ideas.

– Analyze

You will see only the needed numbers that help you grow. Focus on the engagement of your content first.

– Explore

Search for the most popular tweets that talk about your topics for take inspirations.

– Connect multiple accounts

You can connect all your accounts to your main Twitter, so you can write and schedule from same account.