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You're not the only one with good tweets...

13 Oct, 2022 - Written by Gianni

I say this because some content created by AI is scarily close to human-made content. (Don't believe me ? Keep reading  to see some tweets created by the Planny's AI feature 👇👇.)

Today's blog is about  how including AI into your process could save you  valuable time when creating content.

If you reading this right now, chances are that you provide content to an audience. But no matter what niche you are in, sooner or later it gets difficult to come up with ideas or execute them without being repetitive.

This could be harmful to your growth as a brand if it stops you from releasing regular content. This is especially true for marketers.

You can make life easier by taking advantage of AI. Content generated by AI is not at a stage where you can go on autopilot and trust whatever it creates (buts it getting scarily close). The content is near identical to what a human would produce, but still has a long way to go according to this WIRED article.

So if AI generated content is not good enough to write stand-alone pieces what’s the point?

Kenza Moller, a content marketer puts it well by saying, “They can be a great way to generate content ideas & speed up SEO content creation — but at their current stage, I think they're just an early starting point.”

Rather than looking at Ai to completely come up with content, it can be a valuable tool for your creative process.

Referring back to that previous WIRED article They mention that current models(GTP-3) can create “impressively fluid text”  but with it being “unmoored from reality.” If you're looking for a vast resource of content (great starter pieces) you can mould to fit your needs, then start incorporating AI into your routine.

AI can provide instant material for you to go off and produce content while escaping writers-block and giving you a new perspective.

The time taken from start to finish will decrease as your writing process is streamlined and assisted through Ai. This will better equip you when you need to respond to new trends in the market and quickly put out relevant content.

Here are some examples of what tweets are produced when given a prompt. ( I think you can agree that for a computer, its some achievement).

👋 If you want to see what Ai can do for you try  Planny’s AI feature.

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