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Why you should stop using Twitter and start using Planny instead.

07 Sep, 2022 - Written by Gianni

Most people think of Twitter as a place to share their thoughts and connect with other people. However, it's also a great way to waste time and procrastinate. This is why more and more companies are banning Twitter from their offices or telling employees not to bring their phones into meetings. But there's another way!

Planny will increase your productivity without distracting you from what's important.

Twitter is a superior marketing tool, but only if you're able to tweet consistently and effectively. If you've found that Twitter isn't working for you, it's time to consider a content scheduler like Planny. This handy tool allows users to easily plan out their tweets in advance and schedule them out over a time frame so that they're ready when needed.

Planny focuses on making sure your content is high quality and engaging for your audience, which will ultimately lead to increased conversions and sales on your store page or website. The interface of the app is simple enough that anyone can use it intuitively, allowing them to spend more time focusing on the actual content instead of worrying about scheduling details like they would with traditional software like Hootsuite or Buffer (two popular social media management tools).


If you’re looking for a way to get more out of your Twitter account, Planny is the answer. We know it can be hard to find times to tweet properly and keep up with all the information that comes with being an influencer, but if you trust us with your account we will make sure it stays updated and engaging at all times. With our service, you’ll get more followers who are interested in what they see when they visit your profile too!