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You need to start scheduling your content

06 Oct, 2022 - Written by Gianni

Productivity is less about what you do with your time. And more about how you run your mind - Robin Sharma

Whether you're a content creator, small business, start-up or someone that wants to build a social media presence; providing consistent content is a make-or-break habit.

Especially when starting out it's not enough just to have high-quality content, it needs to be delivered regularly to gain an active following.

You could make a viral post one day and leave it too long before posting again to find out that you did not get as much engagement as you would have liked😔.

If you expect people to keep coming back to you, you need to keep creating regular content for them.

Posting regularly without fail nurtures trust between you and your followers, creating a strong bond with your brand; associating it with reliable and high-quality content.

Not only does this benefit your audience, but by posting systematically you can see what type of content is working and what’s not. Doing this over time, you start to create exceptional content as you constantly improve.

You probably agree that uploading regular content is super important. But without a proper plan or schedule, it is easier said than done.

Scheduling, in regards to content, is where you plan content that goes live in the future. This is done by choosing which days and times to release and a mechanism that releases said content at those times. That mechanism is usually some software tool, that automates the process 🤖.

Your number one priority is being productive and creating content for your audience. Although choosing what to upload and the formalities that come with it may not seem time-consuming but in the long run, it adds up. This is time that can be spent on other areas of your business.

Scheduling your content saves you time and the mental capacity to do things that matter, making you a more resourceful and high-output individual.

Scheduling content will streamline your day-to-day while making your content available 24/7, even when you’re not. You could be on a nice beach and still provide value to your audience, while your competitors don’t have that luxury because they didn’t know they could automate the process😎.

You can also be in control of how well a post does simply by planning ahead and marrying your content with whatever is seasonal/trending at the moment. This makes content that is relatable to the audience and their situations.

In order to truly succeed, you would need a combination of regular and high-quality content. For the average person starting out you are prone to get burnt out, creating content and marketing content all while doing this and that for your business. Not ideal, and it also means you're not producing your best work.

Imagine scheduling all your content for the next couple of days, leaving you time for other projects and  to genuinely engage  with your audience.

To get on the path to better and more consistent content without comprising in other areas, start scheduling!

It can be as easy as logging into Planny, writing your content and choosing what time you want your content to go live! Done! Plus, with its analytics, you can further refine your content and get a better understanding of who your audience is.

🚨Warning! Before you start experiencing the benefits of scheduling make sure that you're not blindly spamming your audience. Don’t forget to add your personal touch and connect with your audience. The internet could do with fewer bots and fakery.