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How to write good tweets: 4 templates to get more likes, retweets and followers

24 Sep, 2022 - Written by Gianni

You don’t have to be a genius to build a 'must-follow' Twitter account – you just need to know how to write your good Tweets.

1. Two liner

A classic format that always works is the two sentences tweet.

The first  sentence  either attacks an audience's pain point or demystifies a certain idea. This is followed up with a second sentence, providing a solution or “hidden truth.”

Simple to use and replicate.

2. The list

Summarising an information dense topic into points is one form of good content. The list is the perfect way to give people advice. Like... "how to accelerate your business in 5 points?"

Using a numbered  list instead of plain bullet points is better. Numbers catch attention, and stick with  your audience. To stand out even more try using number emojis like 1️⃣.

3. Personal tweets

Get real with your followers. It's a good idea to show your audience who you are   rather than just the business.

In other words, don't be afraid to post:

  • Pictures of what you have going on in your life
  • Deep Thoughts
  • What  your dog humped today

In other words; anything you want your audience to know about you and your life.

4. Don’t do this. Do that.

Showing what not to do is very powerful. The tweet above  is a good example of combining both previously mentioned methods:

The 2 sentence introduction with a list of  stuff to do.

Keep it visual.

To add more colour to your tweet, changing words like “Don’t” and “Say” with the ❌ and ✅ emojis make it easier for your followers to digest your content.

Got any  techniques that you use and haven't been mentioned here? If so, shoot me a DM on Twitter (@sirgi__) and I'll feature it here.