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Have you thought about your content plan?

23 Nov, 2022 - Written by Gianni

It is a wise thing to spend time getting this right. It will provide  structure and consistency for your brand and the content you put out.

There's no point in mindlessly publishing content at 7 am every day with no thought as to how it will affect your followers’  viewing experience.

You need to be intentional, making every piece of content count, giving  each the breathing space to be taken in by your audience effectively.

This where a content plan comes in. By planning in advance the content/topics that need to be addressed within a given time frame, you can more productive and create  impactful content. Pairing this with the correct timing relevant to your audience, is a sure recipe for some real growth.

An obvious example is brand profiles creating promo content in time for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Content Plan basics

To make a content plan yourself make sure you  these key factors take into account:

  • Content type
  • Date and Time of content to be posted
  • Media assets to be included, if any
  • Links and tags associated to the post

Content type

Its important to post a variety of content so that your followers don't get bored and so that you can promote  your brand/product/service on the back of it.

Here are some guides that you can follow to keep your content fresh.

Date and Time

This will be according to what your optimal times to post are (see you profile analytics) and any  special dates that tie in with your content.

Media Assets

Media assets include images, videos, gifs and audio that you should prepare for a post before it goes live.

Include  a-lot of media within your content to keep followers engaged, the key is to  stop them at your post when scrolling through their timeline.

Make sure you include any relevant links that go with the content, e.g if you're promoting something for your brand or product.

Tags are vital as this could get your post seen by more people due to Twitter's algorithm. Research any relevant tags that are associated with your content and that people are searching prior to posting. Content that correctly matches with  tags will do better as randomly placing popular hashtags on your post will come across spammy.

By covering all these basic points you should have much clearer idea of what content you should be posting and  the direction you're headed in, hopefully saving you time and allowing you to create the best content for your followers.

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