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Important analytics you shouldn't ignore.

03 Nov, 2022 - Written by Gianni

Vital numbers that could save your profile.

“What gets measured can be improved” - Peter Drucker

Adopting this mentality could make or break your growth anywhere in life  let alone on Twitter.

This blog goes over some key metrics to get a better understanding of how your content is doing and where you need to focus to get better.

Among the basic indicators as likes, retweets and comments, Twitter provides other information that are not readily  visible to users  which  display your performance in greater detail.

1.Profile visits - This is the number of visits to your Twitter profile across a 28-day period

Insights: If you are successful with your content then you will naturally see more people visiting your profile. New users find your content impactful enough to  go to your  profile and see if your content is a good fit for their feed.

How to improve:  

- Post frequent content and make more of it visual.

- Provide value in conversations (tweet replies)  and engage with users.

- Consider getting traffic from outside Twitter like leveraging other platforms to direct new users to your twitter ( other social media platforms , Ads and click funnels).

2. Impressions - This is the number of times that your tweet has been shown to your followers and new users on Twitter. This is a good gauge of your brand/profile presence.

Insights: If you have a high impressions it means that a large amount of people have seen your tweet from 1) searching for your tweets, indicating that you are making content that people are looking for 2) your followers liking your tweet for  new users to see, implying  that your are creating content that people engage with 👍 .

How to improve:

- Collaborate with other brands and large profiles to get your name in front of new people.

- Post varied content to your audience while keeping  with your brand and  personality. This varied content will target new groups of user increasing your chances of more impressions.

3. Engagement rate - This is calculated by dividing the number of engagements by the number of impressions for one tweet. Engagements are likes, retweets and tweets clicks.

Insights:  This is solid feedback to see if your content is well received by your followers and new users. Not only does it tell you if your content is being seen by more people but also the number of people that actively reacted to the tweet.

How to improve :

Above 6% engagement rate is considered very high but hard to achieve.

- Filter your your previous content by engagement rate and see what content produced the highest engagement  rate and concentrate on making more content like this.

- Keep content relevant and interesting. Your goal is to stop  people scrolling  and take some form of action (like/retweet) as soon as they see your content in their feed.

- Take effort to get to know your followers by asking them direct questions and opinions for new content.

4. Twitter audience data -  Looking into your analytics on Twitter, under the 'followers' section, you can view a wealth of information on your followers such as important demographics and interests.

Insights: Using this will help you better understand your followers and cater specific content for them. It will give you content ideas that will draw new followers from other demographic groups.

How to improve: Study your follower data thoroughly to get a better picture of your audience so that you can make content that is relevant and keep them following.

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