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How to schedule tweets and engage your followers

09 Sep, 2022 - Written by Gianni

Scheduling Tweets can be a game-changer for your Twitter profile.

That’s because when you schedule Tweets, you’re giving your audience a consistent stream of engaging content. Scheduling can help you plan out a great social media content strategy, as you can schedule Tweets for any day (even for holidays like Valentine's day, Halloween or Christmas, with a lot of time in advance).

In other words, scheduling can elevate your Twitter marketing strategy by saving you time and helping you engage your followers.

A scheduling tool can help you do so much more than simply schedule individual Twitter posts in advance. With  Planny, you can save drafts to throw out some ideas, read analytics clearly and manage multiple Twitter accounts at the same time and much more.

Can I schedule Tweets natively on Twitter?

Yes, you can schedule Tweets natively (straight from your Twitter account), but the process is very tedious. It's slow and complicated, and you'll take a relatively long time to do something simple as scheduling a tweet.

How to schedule Tweets with Planny?

Scheduling Tweets with Planny is quick and easy!

Step 1: Login with your Twitter account

Go on and login with your main Twitter account, so you can link your other accounts further

Step 2: use the calendar to schedule your next Tweets

Click on the block (day-time) of your next schedule.

Step 3: write your tweet with the editor

You can write a tweet or a thread, insert two new lines to create the next tweet of the Thread.

Step 4: you can see your scheduled tweet in the calendar

When you schedule a tweet you can see it in the calendar

5 tips for scheduling Tweets

Before you start setting up a Tweet schedule, take some time to learn some scheduling best practices.

Timezone matters

Is your audience global or local? You should keep timezones in mind when scheduling posts.

Know your audience

If you know who your audience is and when they’re more likely to be online, you can use that information to make well-informed scheduling decisions.

Pay attention to Planny analytics

Planny analytics will tell you whether your audience is engaging (or not) with your content. If you notice your engagement dips for Tweets you’ve published in the evening, but peaks for posts published in the morning, schedule future posts to line up with when engagement is highest.

Pick the best time to tweet

Scheduling Tweets at optimal times — or, when your audience is online — will increase the engagement.

Know when to delete your Tweets

Just because your Tweets are written and scheduled doesn’t mean you can forget about them. In fact, keep an eye on everything you’ve scheduled. The world moves fast and a Tweet you scheduled weeks ago might now be irrelevant, out-of-touch or even problematic.

Use Planny to schedule tweets and engage your followers. Try it free today.