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How to grow an audience on Twitter in 2022

16 Sep, 2022 - Written by Gianni

With over 386 million active users, Twitter is one of the most popular and active social media platforms.

The massive audience on Twitter provides an opportunity to grow, promote your products or services, increase your social influence and drive traffic to your services.

To unlock the full potential of this platform, you must engage with users that trust you.

1. Tweet Consistently

From our internal research, 90% of the most followed users on twitter write at least 3-5 times a day every day.

It's best to test different posting frequencies over a period to find your perfect Twitter schedule. Start by increasing your frequency slightly and monitor your engagement rate; if it climbs, then keep going. Always monitor data such as engagement, clicks, likes and interactions.

You can also use tools like Planny to save a lot of time and schedule out your tweets. So, you don't have to worry about writing every day, allowing you to focus on content for your audience. Doing this will save you tons of time and keep you consistent in releasing high-quality content.

2. Find your niche

You have to be specific; you don’t need to be tweeting about every existing topic and hope for the best. You have to find your niche.

Pick 3-5 main content arguments and all your tweets should be focused on these main topics. This way you’ll never find yourself struggling with what to write about.

3. Share relevant and useful content

People use Twitter to stay informed.

Create conversations and consume content you’re interested in, don't do that only to grow, people will notice that. You must make sure that your content appeals to your audience and adds value whether that’s Tweeting about your projects, video tutorials, or current events.

4. Tweet visual content

94% of people focus on visuals (on every social media), so adding media to your Tweets can really help them stand out. Brand your content so it will be recognizable.

Whether you’re looking to inform or entertain your audience (or both), filling your feed with visual content can help bring new Twitter followers into the fold, you can:

  • Adapt text-based posts into images using editing tools like Canva, Adobe Spark
  • Create infographics, in fact they are among the most-shared content on Twitter
  • Make Videos
  • Use GIFs, memes, and image macros

5. [Super important] Engage with others

Engagement. It's a vital ingredient to growing an audience. Simply put, it's liking, commenting, retweeting and engaging with people,  showing an interest in them daily.

If you’re commenting on people’s tweets, make sure you’re saying something more than just good tweet or good thoughts. Add something to the conversation, add some value, add your own input, don’t disagree with them.

Engage with them and provide thoughtful input when you’re adding to the conversation.

You can also engage with people through DM’s, just say "Hey, thanks for posting this, I really resonated with this, I really like your profile."  etc.

And that is how you grow your Twitter following that’s how you grow an audience is engaging with people. And being a real human being.

In conclusion

With all their new features coming out and what they already have here, Twitter will soon be the king of all social media platforms.

And growing your Twitter following doesn’t happen by accident. A combination of planning your content, engaging with fellow users, and optimizing your profile is key to attracting new followers.

If you just take these 5 Twitter growth hacks, apply them consistently and stick with them for a few months, you will see momentum, you will grow your audience and be happy that you stuck with it.